A regular series of curated screenings and discussions that spotlight and intersect with research being undertaken in the School of Media & Communication at RMIT University. In 2024, events will take place on the last Wednesday of every month during semester and in O Week.

Upcoming Events

  1. 2551.02 - The Orgy of the Damned

    2023 · Norbert Pfaffenbichler · 82m · Austria

    With an introduction by Dr Alexia Kannas, Senior Lecturer Media & Cinema Studies

    The second installment of Vienna-based experimental filmmaker Norbert Pfaffenbichler's 2551 trilogy, The Orgy of the Damned twists the plot of Charlie Chaplin's The Kid (1931) into a nightmare odyssey through an underworld of surreal grotesquery that is as sick as it is sublime. Dr Alexia Kannas will discuss the production and circulation of Pffafenbichler's no-budget films as exemplars of the contemporary horrific avant-garde.

    WED 29 MAY · 3.30–6.00 PM
    Kaleide Theatre
    360 Swanston Street, Melbourne




  1. True History of the Kelly Gang

    2019 · Justin Kurzel · 124m · Australia

    With an introduction by Maximillian Kenyon, PhD Candidate

    Based on Peter Carey's Booker Prize-winning novel, Justin Kurzel's film challenges the validity of Australia's constructed identity and history, questioning who such histories represent when truths are fashioned into myth. PhD candidate Maximillian Kenyon interrogates how Ned Kelly has come to be mythologised in postcolonial Australian culture through re-tellings and fabrications.

    WED 24 APRIL 2024
    Kaleide Theatre

  2. Stagecoach

    1939 · John Ford · 96m · United States

    With an introduction by Amy Taylor, PhD Candidate

    This year marks the 85th anniversary of John Ford's 1939 western Stagecoach, starring the iconic John Wayne. ‹SCREEN INQUISITION› is proud to host a screening and discussion presented by PhD candidate Amy Taylor, who will investigate what lessons and legacies the film, and the Western genre, leave us with in a post-Trump world.

    WED 20 MARCH 2024
    Kaleide Theatre

  3. The Apartment

    1960 · Billy Wilder · 125m · United States

    With an introduction by Dr Djoymi Baker, Lecturer Media & Cinema Studies

    Billy Wilder's sizzling satire of corporate ladder climbing and isolation remains a vibrant and vital commentary on American social mores. Join us for the first ‹SCREEN INQUISITION› of 2024, as Dr Djoymi Baker discusses the film in relation to changing attitudes toward the single woman and its contribution to the breakdown of the Production Code.

    WED 28 FEBRUARY 2024
    Kaleide Theatre

  4. A screenshot from 0s & 1s

    0s & 1s

    2011 · Eugene Kotlyarenko · 83m · United States

    With an introduction by Samuel Harris, PhD Candidate

    A desktop film before desktop films were even a thing, 0s & 1s recounts the frantic odyssey of LA twenty-something / slacker James Pongo (Morgan Krantz) as he searches for his stolen laptop. Told exclusively through multi-layered computer interfaces, director Eugene Kotlyarenko’s (Wobble Palace, Spree) under-seen 2011 opus cleverly articulates the blurred intersection of our physical and digital lives.

    TUE 30 MAY 2023
    Lower Cinema Theatre, RMIT

  5. The Armed — ULTRAPOP: Live at the Masonic

    2021 · Tony Wolski · 50m · United States

    With an introduction by Dr Ian Rogers, Lecturer B.A. (Music Industry)

    American band The Armed are one of the most mysterious artists operating in popular music today. More of an art collective than a rock band, their Live at the Masonic film collapses traditional concepts of authenticity, the live concert film, and American hardcore punk into a vivid, chaotic mess.

    TUE 2 MAY 2023
    Lower Cinema Theatre, RMIT

  6. Paul T. Goldman

    2022–2023 · Jason Woliner · 242m · United States

    With an introduction by Bradley J. Dixon, PhD Candidate

    Paul T. Goldman’s world is turned upside down when he learns his wife has been living a secret double life. His effort to uncover the truth thrusts him into a labyrinth of fraud, deception, and international sex trafficking… or does it? Director Jason Woliner (Nathan for You, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) documents a true story far stranger than fiction, and the fascinating character at its centre, as Goldman writes and stars in parafictional reenactments of his own unbelievable life.

    TUE 28 MARCH 2023
    Lower Cinema Theatre, RMIT

  7. Bad Habits: A Journey Into Nunsploitation

    Visions of Ecstasy

    1989 · Nigel Wingrove · 18m · United Kingdom

    Erotic and beautiful, witness the only film to be banned outright in the U.K.!

    School of the Holy Beast

    1974 · Norifumi Suzuki · 91m · Japan

    A sordid Japanese tale of nuns, whips, revenge, and roses.

    With an introduction by Jonathon Barratt, PhD Candidate

    THU 27 OCTOBER 2022
    Lower Cinema Theatre, RMIT